What to Do When You're Stuck at Life's Loading Screens

Sometimes life is like a video game, and you reach a point where it seems like there's nothing to do but wait. Maybe you're in between jobs or are being held back by something beyond your control, but you can always take this time to level up, help others, and find a way forward. » 12/18/14 5:20pm 12/18/14 5:20pm

Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Why Do I Keep Getting Friend-Zoned?

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​Solid Dating Advice For The Modern Geek

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How To Get Out of a Gaming Funk

Can't find anything to play? Nothing really clicking for you right now? It's okay. This sort of thing happens. We're here to help you out of your gaming slump. » 3/10/14 6:00pm 3/10/14 6:00pm

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Six Real Life Lessons I Learned from World of Warcraft

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs, mercifully) get a bad rap for being life-sucking parallel universes. However, games like World of Warcraft are a microcosm of many real-life experiences. No, really. » 1/21/14 11:50am 1/21/14 11:50am

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Please Stop Comparing Real Life To Video Games

"It’s a bizarre, surreal case of a young man almost acting like a real-life action video game," said a judge in England earlier this week, regarding a 15-year-old boy involved in a bank robbery. Or maybe he was acting like a bank robber. There should really be rules for comparing real-life events to video games. » 9/26/13 12:30pm 9/26/13 12:30pm

Don't Buy New Video Game Hardware. Not Now.

With fantastic games on offer across just about every platform, with libraries that grow more accomplished with each passing day, you might think it's always a good time to buy new video game hardware, should you still be without one of the major systems. Mostly, you would be correct. But not this month. » 6/06/13 4:00am 6/06/13 4:00am

A Guide To Surviving The Arrival Of New Children (With Video Games)

There is nothing in life more important than the birth of new humans. It's how we keep the species going. But as crucial as it is to our continued domination of this planet's food chain (suck it, chimps), it can also be a tiring, stressful and emotional time. » 4/16/13 11:00pm 4/16/13 11:00pm

A Beginner's Guide To Making Your First Video Game

Game development has exploded over the last few years, and now it seems like everyone is making a video game. You've got big studios full of hundreds of people. You've got small teams making incredible games. There are more people in independent game development than ever. This is an amazing thing, because everyone… » 1/28/13 2:00pm 1/28/13 2:00pm

What Dr. Horrible Can Teach Nerds (And Everyone Else) About Love

Does anyone represent the trials and tribulations of the modern day nerd quite as much as Dr. Horrible? He wants what we all want: to build a fairer, more just and equitable society. To be recognized and valued for his gifts and contributions to the world at large. To get through the day without being tormented by the… » 10/15/12 7:00pm 10/15/12 7:00pm