Wookiees Never Miss

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Hello! This week we learn more about a small Easter Egg in Final Fantasy 7, watch AOC visit islands in Animal Crossing, check out a cool looking dinosaur game and let Chewbacca take care of some bad guys.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Some of my favorite blogs on this website feature someone digging into a small and specific thing in a big, exhaustive way. This is a great example of that kind of content.

I might finally play this game that seems to always pop up on every “Creepy Game” or “Weird Game” list on Youtube.


One of the best around drops some real and amazing words about criticism on her way out.


I hear she is beating Tom Nook in the most recent polls.



“Ey, yo Frank, come over here! You are pure of heart and shit right? Grab this!”


Excuse me while I go and puke behind some bushes.


More evidence that Boba Fett was never cool or good and just sucks.


Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

More dinosaur games, please.

Hey look, a gameplay trailer featuring...gameplay! What a concept.

This was the game I wanted to see more of during that Xbox event.

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More evidence that Boba Fett was never cool or good and just sucks.”

We're not friends anymore and I suggest you place yourself in the Banned for Life Club