Chinese Anime Fans Send 10,000 Face Masks To Japanese City

The anime Love Live! Sunshine!! is set in the Japanese seaside city of Numazu. Recently, Numazu’s mayor Shuichi Yorishige showed boxes of face masks that Chinese anime fans had sent.


The city has become a destination for anime fans, who want to tour the location that was recreated in the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime. According to Yorishige, the message from the Chinese fans was that they wanted to express their gratitude for the affection they’ve received from everyone in Numazu. The fans sent the city 10,000 face masks.

The mayor thanked them from the city and from the bottom of his heart.

Due to covid-19, the Japanese tourism industry has been brought to a standstill. When it has passed, hopefully, those fans can return to the city they love. For those who haven’t visited Numazu, website Like a Fish in Water has a wonderful anime pilgrimage guide. Have a look.

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It’s a nice thing to do, but considering today’s headlines, I’d be concerned about their quality:

Some of the masks tested didn’t even filter 1% of the particules needed to have the N95 designation. I can only imagine how bad the regular cloth ones (like the one he seems to be wearing in the picture) are at filtering anything.