Remember Pok√©mon 3D‚ÄĒthe first-person perspective Pok√©mon Gold/Silver? Well, it's been made compatible with Oculus Rift, letting players see the world of Pok√©mon through the eyes of their trainer.

It needs some tuning‚ÄĒdialogue is well to the bottom of each lens and somewhat difficult to read, as are the battle commands, which sit far to the right. As the narrator says, battle view is not optimal but the game is in beta. Going into a shop, the wearer has to tilt his head far to the left or right to see what he's buying.

As a proof of concept, though, it's intriguing, and shows that if you can play it, someone will try to play it on the Oculus Rift.

Pokemon 3D: Pokemon Gold/Silver On the Oculus Rift [Vaecon on YouTube, h/t Dan]