This Fan-Made Pokémon Remake Is In 3D. And First-Person.

If you liked Pokémon's deep gameplay, rewarding collection system, fun beasties, and memorable soundtrack, but were vehemently opposed to its 2D, top-down perspective, then I have just the project for you. Pokémon 3D is an in-development indie title that recreates Pokémon Gold/Silver with all new first-person 3D graphics. Trippy.


Pokémon 3D is the ongoing passion project of German Nils Drescher AKA nilllzz, who's vigilantly giving the game regular content updates as he completes them. That's right: a version of Pokémon 3D is playable right now, with additions appearing weekly. You can download it now, and start to see the (Pokémon) world in a whole new way. You'll never have to look at the top of your character's head again.


Doktah Doktah

It seems to me the biggest problem with Pokemon is nintendo has no idea how much the game needs to be reworked.

Even Blizzard did a better job on its pet battle system then pokemon has done with its battle system.

This game seems like a turn in the right direction.