Ubisoft Pushes Riders Republic To ‘Later This Year’, Adding To Wave Of Game Delays

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Riders Republic, the next game from the team behind Steep, has been delayed until “later this year.” The delay adds to a growing number of games that have been pushed back recently, including Hogwarts Legacy and Outriders.


Riders Republic was originally scheduled to be released on February 25 but now has no specific date. Ubisoft announced the delay via a post on the official Rider’s Republic Twitter account reading, “We want to let you know we have made the decision to move our release to later this year. This additional time will allow our passionate team to deliver the best fun fueled experience to our players.”

Rider’s Republic is likely not the last big game to see some kind of delay. Yesterday, WB Games announced that Hogwarts Legacy, an RPG set in the Harry Potter universe that was supposed to come out this year, was delayed until 2022. Outriders was also delayed earlier this month, from its initial February 2 date to April. Pragamta, a strange new game from Capcom, was delayed from a vague 2022 release window to a new 2023 window. Games such as Watch Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 have seen DLC and game modes delayed as well. Ubisoft’s Division 2 also saw a big, new event reworked and partially canceled due to a “tough year.

Video game delays are normal. But things right now aren’t normal. As the covid-19 pandemic continues, we can probably expect more game delays in the future.


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Wonder if the fact that 99.99999% of gamers who would gladly throw money at Microsoft or Sony for their new consoles are completely SOL for at least a few more month has anything to do with pushing game releases back by a few months.
1. It buys an extra couple months for extra polish and more extensive QA testing.
2. Why push the game out now if the adoption rate of the new consoles is a tiny fraction of what it will be a few months from now. Maybe it’s just me but when I’m looking for a new game, 9 times outta 10 I’m going for the newest release over an older release even if it’s only a few months difference.