Watch Dogs: Legion's Online Mode Delayed As Team Focuses On Fixing Bugs

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It’s no secret that Watch Dog: Legion has been pretty buggy since it launched late last month, but Ubisoft sounds dedicated to tracking down these experience-ruining glitches and getting them sorted out. So dedicated, in fact, that the game’s planned online mode has been delayed to next year to give the team more time to iron out its single-player issues.


Multiplayer will give Watch Dogs: Legion players the chance to tackle co-op missions with up to three teammates as well as compete in modes like Spiderbot Arena and invade other players’ games. These online activities were originally planned to launch on December 3, but will instead be pushed back to a more opaque early 2021 release window.

According to an official post on the Ubisoft forums, a patch dropping this week includes several fixes for major issues like save corruption and crashes in addition to stability and performance improvements across all platforms. The devs also mention that the PC version will be getting a manual save option.

Watch Dogs: Legion is expected to receive more quality-of-life features, including “further graphics optimizations” on PC to help higher-end GPUs hit a consistent 60 fps, sometime next month.

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I’m taking a break from Legion because I’m so captivated by AC Valhalla and Spider-man Miles Morales. I haven’t run into many issues with the game and its been fine for me. The most major thing I had happen is the game crashing on my One X but on Series X I haven’t run into any issues.

Good to know when I get back to it it’ll be more polished.