Tristan's BDay

To: Bash and Luke
From: Crecente
Re: What's Old Is New Again

Tristan's birthday went off without a hitch on Sunday (his real birthday was Saturday, but we had the party on Sunday). We held it at a local fun center that had a ton of different things including a laser tag area, arcade and even a one of those Battlemech, sit down games. I hadn't played the Battlemech game since it first hit in the, 90s I think. Really hasn't improved much and still leaves me feeling sorta bored. Laser tag hasn't changed much either, though the rigs we played with had laser sites, which is really damn cool. I had forgotten it was to run around shooting people in a neon-lit maze. Tristan and his friends managed to keep me out of the game for most of the ten minute round by using the Spartan tactic of forming a pack and just peppering me with lasers constantly. It must have been fun for those not involved to watch a pack of six kids less than half my size chasing me through the maze coating me with little red lights. Man, they were vicious.


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