The Tokyo Game Show rolled on today. There were boats, booth companions, news and gamplay. There was even a fake fight. And all of that before the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors to the masses over the weekend.

Here's a complete round up of Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett's coverage from Day 2:

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is you and Your Friends Against the Galaxy's Biggest Floating Hand

Final Fantasy XIII, for all its money and marketing, rang hollow with many gamers (even serious fans of the franchise), standing accused of being everything from linear to, well, just boring.
Playing Final Fantasy XIII for around ten minutes at TGS this morning, all I could think of was how much... More »

Dragon's Dogma


Dragon's Dogma Has Studied Its Competition Well

If you thought Dragon's Dogma looked like Capcom trying to make its own Dragon Age, you are correct. And from what I saw of the game yesterday (and given people's reaction to Dragon Age II), that may be a very good thing.
This is partly due to the game's imagery, of course. More »



Let These Gangster Hostesses Welcome You to Sega's TGS Booth

Sega's booth is busier and better this year than it has been in years. Part of that is because there's a Yakuzapalooza going down, with the franchise's PSP sequel drawing crowds, but it's also because this year Electronic Arts doesn't have a booth of its own.
So it shacked up with Sega, adding the... More »


Here Are The Tokyo Game Show Companions

They help you with games. They pass out fliers. They smile. They are booth companions-not "booth babes". And Tokyo Game Show is crawling with them. More »

Testicular Fortitude


Japan's Deadliest Developer Tells The Next Generation To Grow A Pair

I got the chance to sit down with Dead or Alive creator and former Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki yesterday, ostensibly to talk about his studio's upcoming action game Devil's Third.
Since that game made a late pullout from the Tokyo Game Show, however, there wasn't much to talk about. More »



The Beautiful and the Badass Toys of the Tokyo Game Show

Some come to Tokyo in September to play games. More come to buy crap associated with them, though, as some of the most popular stalls at TGS aren't the ones with demo units, but stacks of t-shirts, action figures and art books.
In the gallery above you'll find the best of the gear available at this... More »



When (Rehearsed) Fights Break Out at the Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show isn't all about games. It's also about kicking people in the stomach.
This booth is showing off fighting, protective gear, and helmets that light up. More »



Eh, Cosplay Starts Tomorrow Guys

Spotted at the Tokyo Game Show, a trio was practicing their dance moves with an audience of the unblinking eye of a camcorder to check their moves later. More »



Sony's Sexiest PS3 Consoles Look Even Better In the Flesh

As you've seen already with the coloured Vitas, Sony has a range of fancy gear on show at the back wall of its Tokyo Game Show booth. Like the newly-announced FFXIII-2 PlayStation 3 console, its sibling, the Ni No Kuni PS3 and the entire range of DualShock 3s.
If you didn't love the Ni No Kuni... More »


Metal Gear Solid 2 In HD is all Talk (and Hairy Armpits!)

I got to play Metal Gear Solid 2 this morning at Konami's Tokyo Game Show booth, the game part of the company's HD collection of the older titles in the series.
Having not played it since it was first released, I was curious to see how things had changed and/or been improved for this latest... More »


Ni No Kuni's Gameplay Footage Shows Why This is TGS' Best-Looking Game

Just in case you didn't believe me that upcoming RPG Ni No Kuni looks shit hot, here's a ton of gameplay footage shot from the floor of this year's Tokyo Game Show.
Seeing as I was within arm's reach of three demo kiosks, you'll find pretty much all the content available in this build of the game,... More »



Ni No Kuni is Coming to America

Speaking at a Tokyo Game Show event earlier today, Level-5 Akihiro Hino boss made a lot of people reading this website very happy, announcing that the PS3 version of gorgeous RPG Ni No Kuni would be getting a North American release.
It's due out in early 2012, and while no mention was made of a... More »

Xbox 360

Forza 4's Magic Steering Wheel Doesn't Look Very Magic

Not content with throwing some Kinect support into Forza 4, Microsoft is also releasing a wireless, motion-controlled racing wheel for the game. It didn't sound too promising when it was first announced. More »




Japan's Biggest Game Getting a Big Change

For years, Monster Hunter has primarily been a PlayStation Portable game. With Monster Hunter 3G for the Nintendo 3DS, that's going to change.
Monster Hunter started out as a PlayStation 2 title and then made its way to the Wii. More »


I Don't Know Whether Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is Half-Empty or Half-Full

I don't think there's another game on the showroom floor of this year's TGS (aside from maybe Monster Hunter) that so shows up the conflict between good and evil in the design of the Nintendo 3DS as Metal Gear Solid: More »

PS Vita


These AR Games Are the PS Vita's Holy Shit Moment

AR is the Nintendo 3DS's holy shit moment. Ditto for the PS Vita. Sony is offering a new spin on AR with markerless AR play.
It's impressive to see in action, and certainly something to show the friends if you want to wow them with your new hardware. More »


Here, Look at WipeOut 2048 for Five Minutes!

Frantic, futuristic racing. That's right, WipeOut 2048 is one of the launch titles coming to the PlayStation Vita.
It's shaping up nicely. Here, game designer Graeme Ankers walks us through, providing a look at what you can expect. More »


This Is Not One of the Six PS Vita AR Cards

It is an AR card. It's made by Sony. It's for the PS Vita. And it's not the final design.
Sony showed off the AR features tonight at an event in Tokyo Bay. More »


Last Night, Kotaku Was on a Boat

Day one of the Tokyo Game Show is done and dusted. Our day, however, wasn't finished.
Sony invited a group of the gaming press onto a boat to eat traditional Japanese food and demo PS Vita games. More »


Katamari Damacy Gets New Shape-Shifting Controls with Its Release on Vita

Katamari Damacy is just a working title but, frankly, it's as good as any for the version of the game soon to arrive on PlayStation Vita. Namco Bandai announced today that the venerable roll-em-up will get a Vita release on an unspecified date, and will take advantage of the new handheld's... More »


Say Welcome to the PS Vita's Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack is an on board PS Vita feature that acquaints players with the PS Vita.
There are a couple mini-games, such as one in which players try to touch bubbles with numbers in order as they pop up on the screen. More »