This Is Not One of the Six PS Vita AR Cards

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It is an AR card. It's made by Sony. It's for the PS Vita. And it's not the final design.


Sony showed off the AR features tonight at an event in Tokyo Bay. This is a look at the AR cards for the PS Vita. It is not the final design, and Sony said it would likely change.

The PS Vita will come with six AR cards, which can be used to turn the real world into a virtual gaming space. It will also feature markerless AR tech that will allow gamers to enjoy AR tech without the need of cards like this.


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I've got a 3DS and like the system, but the AR is really pointless IMO. Even if the top screen is in 3D, it still doesn't feel real or special to me because I'm still just staring at a screen and this will feel the same way. Until somebody invents a way to have the system shoot a hologram out of it, AR will always feel like some side gimmick that's interesting for 30 seconds.