Ni No Kuni is Coming to America

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Speaking at a Tokyo Game Show event earlier today, Level-5 Akihiro Hino boss made a lot of people reading this website very happy, announcing that the PS3 version of gorgeous RPG Ni No Kuni would be getting a North American release.


It's due out in early 2012, and while no mention was made of a European/Australasian release, it's not like that matters: with the PS3 being region free, if the title isn't released where you live, importing won't be a hassle.


It might be for the post-release DLC Hino also briefly touched on at the event (though he didn't actually say what it was), but that's another worry for another day.

Ninokuni to be released in North America "early 2012" [GameSpot, thanks B-Real206!]

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Level 5 really is the new squeenix; everything they make is awesome.

Oh Squeenix, what happened to you? I miss when all your internally developed games were gold. :(