Time For An Awkward Cyber Dance Party

You can’t hear it, but they are dancing to a Vin Diesel song.
Gif: NBC / Kotaku

This week we learn about weird ways Bethesda got Morrowind working on Xbox, find out what’s inside Kirby, check out the new trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, and virtually dance to a new...Vin Diesel song?


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

A great dive into how one of the most nefarious and wild conspiracy groups isn’t making much progress on Twitch.

I remember, even back then when I was less annoyed by loading times, noticing that some of Morrowind on Xbox’s loading screens took FOREVER. Now I know why.


I spent some time putting together a big list of everything Microsoft and its studios are officially working on, plus information about rumored projects and possible release windows. Check it out!


Nintendo more like “No-porn-tendo” or something more clever. I’ll change this before it goes live.



I’d eat some Mario and some Luigi, but I would NEVER eat a sausage made out of Wario. And I wouldn’t even be in the same room as a sausage made out of Waluigi.




Hell is real and this is video footage of it.



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This is evidence that no white man ever should be caught dancing on camera ever.