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Hello! Today we get banned for buying too many games, watch a robot get angry, learn when the Sonic movie is actually coming out and talk about fake meat at McDonald’s. It’s Morning Checkpoint!


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Like most weeks, Kotaku was filled with some great stories. Here are a few of my favorites!


Lucky for Epic, I don’t have the money to buy that many games that quickly.

(!) Zack will remember all of them.


A wonderful deep-dive into the business side of Esports and how shaky some of it is.


I love stories like this. Morgan Park tells us of his experience with a grumpy Vietnam vet, Seadog, and his Day of Defeat clan.



Tho needth to hearth my wonderful lute skills. Even if thy player has yet to jointh the battle.


Robots are becoming more human every day. How much longer until one has a “heated gaming moment” during a stream and says something racist?





Some Good Comments

“ ‘The fine is 21.7 million yen (nearly $200,000) and must be paid by December 25 of this year’ Welp. That’s the end of McDonald’s.”

-Christian B. Christiansen from “McDonald’s Japan Fined For It’s Fake Roast Beef Burgers”


In McDonald’s defense, they might not have that much money actually. I mean, if they did, then why don’t they pay their employees a living wage? Unless...capitalism is terrible? Hmm..

“I still can’t get over how this guy wore a backwards cap to his wedding.”

-Epictacosam from “The Eyes In Days Gone Looks So Good Because They’re Full Of Tears.”


You don’t get it. Deacon is really cool and a rebel. He doesn’t follow your rules, society! Also, Deacon LOVED listening to Kid Rock, right?

Trailers & Videos You May Have Missed

I get more and more excited to play this. CTR was better than Mario Kart 64 and now I can play it on a modern console with better visuals.

Hey, have you kids heard about these cool new games called “BATTLE ROYALES”?

I really don’t need to spend the money on a Quest. BUT also, the number of games coming to it is getting longer and longer and no cords or extra hardware needed sounds great. I love my PSVR, but it is a hassle to get out and play.

I downloaded this and played a bit. The combat was fine, but then I entered a social area and the game’s performance tanked so hard I just quit and uninstalled it. Maybe they will improve it?


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