Epic Games Store Will Block Your Account If You Buy Too Many Games Too Quickly

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There’s a big sale on right now at the Epic Games Store, a time when many users—conditioned by Steam’s frequently generous discounts on a huge range of titles—go nuts and buy a ton of stuff real quickly. On Valve’s store that’s enough to get you a pile of shame, but on Epic’s it’ll just get your account blocked from making further purchases.


Via Game Revolution, this is the situation streamer Patrick Boivin recently found himself in:

Nick Chester from Epic PR confirmed with Game Revolution that “This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” and that “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

What a weird store.

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Why is it that gane journalism is perpetuating this hate towards the EGS?

You work reporting with games and their development. Games are software and software development has evolved in SaaS in almost every aspect.

This is clearly a found issue they will address. It sucks for sure but it is stupid to consider they wouldn’t.

So why the headline, the hate? Why the lack of understanding of how this stuff works. It feelsnas if you a feeding into these recent trend of just hating on them. Even read articles making the sale into a negative when they will eat the cost.

I just don't see the hate and why it is being continued for stupid reasons.