Sony Shows Off PS5 Loading Times

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We’re still a while away from getting an official look at Sony’s next PlayStation console, but the company has provided an early glimpse at some of its capabilities today during a meeting in Japan.


The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki is there tweeting about the meeting, and captured this footage showing the same scene being loaded on current PS5 hardware and a PS4 Pro, comparing how long the former takes compared to the latter:

We’d heard this previously about Sony’s new console:

So yeah, even taking into account how artificial these early looks can be, it looks like “no loading times” is definitely going to be a PS5 thing.

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Lmao, we came so far people.

Loading times! Fucking loading times is going to win the next “console war”. Pffffft! I say to this drummed up hype bullshit. Oh let me break out the calculator to see how much more fun I’m going to have now that my games load faster. SAID NOBODY!

How about no sexbots trying to phish me out on the consoles since this is a real “thing”.

Microsoft is going to clap back with "auto-report" which will automatically report other players for cheating when they beat you at a thing. Yaknow, because that takes too much time to do on your own.