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The Year In Snacktaku

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The year 2014 is nearly behind us, soon to be nothing more than a series of memories of the things we've eaten, places we've eaten and people we've watched eat. Join us as Snacktaku looks back at the year inside the world's stomachs.

Snacktaku Reviews

Our bread and butter, only better than that. Bread and butter is pretty bland stuff, unless you're talking a nice warm crusty loaf with freshly-churned seasoned butter. Oh god. Here are some reviews.


Marshmallow Crispy And Cookie Dough Oreos: The Snacktaku Review

Is there any greater event in the snacking world than the introduction of a new limited edition flavor of Oreo cookie? How about two new flavors? I have tasted Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough Oreos, and my findings may surprise you.


Mountain Dew Cheetos: The Snacktaku Review

Back away slowly, America. These flavors — they are not for your ilk. Do not follow me into madness, for that way lies Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos and more than 127 million Japanese people.

Tim Tam Slams: The Snacktaku Review


WARNING: Viewers are advised the following clip contains footage of a grown man licking his fingers a lot.

Hospital Food: The Snacktaku Review


Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay at one of Atlanta's premiere medical hot-spots, where I was sliced open to have my innards fiddled with. Afterwards I was presented with this magnificent feast. It was almost as pleasant.

How It's Made

Here are some things you really shouldn't watch.

The Mesmerizing Birth Of A Snack Classic


I cannot stop watching this. Can you guess what is?

How Chicken McNuggets Are Made (Spoilers: It's Not Pink Goop)

Despite having proven otherwise time and time again, McDonald's still gets people asking if the horrifying image of pink chicken goop which circulated in 2010 is what's inside their Chicken McNuggets. Here's what's really happening inside McDonald's nugget factory.


How McDonald's McRib Sandwiches Are Made


Is it that time of year already? Of course it is, I've already had three limited-time only McRib sandwiches since they came back a week or so ago, and there are more in my future. It's probably a good time to find out how they're made.

The Frito-Lay Contest Saga 2014

Every year Frito-Lay holds a contest that allows consumers to design their own potato chip flavor. It generally ends horribly.


Think Of The Most Horrible Chip Flavors Imaginable


Last year Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest awarded the wrong person a million dollars for suggesting potato chips that tasted vaguely like garlic bread. Now the contest returns, and we have a chance for redemption.

Lay's 2014 'Do Us A Flavor' Potato Chips: The Snacktaku Review

Earlier this week Frito-Lay announced the four finalists in its annual 'Do Us A Flavor' fan-made potato chip flavor contest — Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Wavy Mango Salsa and Cappuccino. Which one wins my mouth?


America Picks Wasabi Ginger Lay's Potato Chips For Some Stupid Reason


For the second year in a row, America has let me down. Lay's 2nd annual "Do Us A Flavor"competition is over, and Cappuccino did not win.

Japanese Burger Time

As Kotaku East has proven time and time again this year, Japan's concept of a hamburger is very odd.


Burgers with Chocolate Sauce Coming to Japan


That's exactly what's happening next month with burger chain Lotteria is releasing the "Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger." It goes on sale February 6 for 390 yen (US$3.77)—just in time to gross everyone out for Valentine's Day!

The Attack on Titan Burgers Look Utterly Disgusting


And by disgusting, I mean, revolting. And by revolting, I mean that I might actually want to eat this. Maybe not.

In Japan, Burger King Has a Black Cheese Burger


The black buns? We've seen those before. But why, Burger King, why black cheese? Why?

This Is McDonald's Japan's Take on the Black Burger


As Kotaku first reported earlier this month, Burger King rolled out a black cheeseburger in Japan. Now, McDonald's Japan has a black burger of its own.

Black McDonalds Burger: The Snacktaku Review


I was in Japan last week. So you bet your ass I was going to track down and eat a black hamburger.

All that and a very special sandwich from Korea...

A Good, Horrible Look at Korea KFC's Double Down


In South Korea, KFC's take on the Double Down is, well, something else. You might have seen the promotional pics. Let's have a look at pics of the actual sandwich.

The Wonderful World Of Asian Cuisine

Thanks to my Kotaku East compatriots, I feel like I never have to actually taste any of these things.


Ice Cream Can Get Bizarre in Japan


Your typical ice cream in Japan is rather vanilla. Things usually don't get much crazier than green tea. But in some places, the ice cream gets downright strange. Viper ice cream, anyone?

It's The Snacktaku Fried Insect Special


I seriously hope you're not eating breakfast while reading this post. In fact, if you are, I apologize.

Burger King's Poo Poo Smoothie Sounds Disgusting, Is Delicious


Asia seems to have a fascination with scatalogically-themed things. From the dessert restaurant in Taiwan and Japan (with a location in NYC), to now Burger King China's latest cold beverage, the PooPoo* Smoothie.

Final Fantasy Blue Ramen Looks Utterly Disgusting


That new Final Fantasy cafe in Tokyo? Oh, it looks wonderful. The blue ramen it's serving? Not so much.

Insane Eating

That's just way too much.

Eat This Curry Rice, Earn Almost $1,000


You hungry? Like really, really hungry? Well, have I got a meal for you.

A Speed Eating Contest for Japan's "Most Disgusting" Food


Have you ever heard of nattou (納豆)? It's fermented beans that are slimy, sticky, and smell like socks. I quite like nattou, but many foreigners (and some Japanese) think it's utterly repellent. Sounds like the perfect food for a speed eating contest!

For a 100-Pound Woman, This Lady Can Eat So Many Burgers


Meet Tae Ryun Huh. She isn't today's hamburger hero. She is the hamburger hero of a lifetime.

Food Science

Snackology is the scientific study of snacks, but every now and then those other white coats want to get in on the sweet snacking action.


The Perfect Way to Hold a Hamburger, Proven by Science


We've all been there: You're holding a big ol' hamburger with both hands, you bring it to your mouth to take a bite, and the whole burger falls out all over the place. But guess what, there's an "ideal" way to hold a burger. This is it.

If I Weigh 99 Pounds And Eat A Pound Of Nachos, Am I 1% Nacho?

An important question is finally answered.

A Hack That Gets You The Most Taco Bell Food For Your Money


It's late at night, you've got a pocketful of crumpled bills and coins, and your hunger exceeds your self-esteem. Thanks to a clever hack, now all you have to do is send your budget to a special email address to generate a maximum calorie Taco Bell menu.

If You're Going To Be A Cannibal, You've Got To Count Calories


Here at Snacktaku we're all about portion control, so when science tells us a fully-cooked human cadaver would contain roughly 81,500 calories, we reach for the freezer bags.

Let's Wash That Down

We couldn't possibly eat all of this without something to drink.

Snacktaku Special Report: Coca-Cola Life Surely Tastes Like Something

While vacationing in Buenos Aires, Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo sampled Coca-Cola Life, a special green-canned version of America's favorite sugar water developed specifically for Argentina and Chile. How does it taste?


The Wild World of Japanese Pepsi Flavors


The world has seen some unusual Pepsi flavors. But the reigning champ for variety and inventiveness is still Japan.

Please Don't Be Real, Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew


Nobody asked for this. Nobody.

A Final Reminder That Food Is A Fleeting Thing

Never forget the Japanese french fry famine of 2014.

All-You-Can-Eat French Fry Buffet Begins in Japan


I hope you've brought your appetite and love of french fries. Because in Japan, a fast food chain is rolling out an all-you-can-eat french fry buffet.

McDonald's Is Only Selling Small-Sized Fries in Japan


This. Is. Terrible. McDonald's will only be offering one French fry size in Japan: Small.

What's coming up in 2015 for Snacktaku? Expect more video reviews, more horrible Japanese burgers, more horrible fast food mash-ups and more things to put in your mouth than a (heavily edited ending).