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The Weirdest Movie Trend Of The Decade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Hello! This week we find a secret area in Majora’s Mask, draw Dr.Phil, listen to Snoop Dogg commentate over hockey, remember the classic PS1 and watch animated characters in live-action films ride around in cars.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week


Do these people get to keep the tambourines and condoms? Or does Amazon expect them to return all this random stuff before getting their Switches?


Remember, if you treat people like shit it will always, eventually, become public knowledge. So be nicer, folks.

The steps involved in this are wild and I honestly can’t believe it works. It sounds like one of those video game myths I heard as a kid. Yeah, grab this coin, go through this doorway...


What a wonderful console. An ugly console, but still, a wonderful machine.



I remember this shot, animated character next to a real person in a car, happening even more often than just these examples. This is the weirdest movie trope this decade. And I hope it never ends.


This image captures the aura of Doc Phil in a way no photo ever has and honestly, it deserved better than a C. Maybe like a B.


Less than 10 minutes later.

*beededededoop* Sam, it’s Deadman. Did you hear about that banana bread in the kitchen? It sounds really good. Next time you are at the Distro Center South Of Lake Knot City you should use your knife to cut off some of the loaf. I bet your BB would enjoy that.



Trailers and Videos You May Have Missed

I’ll always remember Mechwarrior as that cool looking robot game that I saw on G4. Remember that channel?

Everything has a battle pass.

Remember this game? It was released this year. Really. No joke.

Hey, so...what happened to DayA through DayY...? *Crickets*

Okay, not every joke is a winner.