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Majora's Mask Glitch Warps Players Into Developer Test Room

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is having something of a glitch renaissance. One particular glitch that allows player to re-write memory values has allowed speedrunners to achieve a Holy Grail trick and warp to the moon. But where else can it go? Well, if done properly, you can even warp behind the scenes.

The method for the warp was outlined by SeedBorn on YouTube. Like the moon warp trick before it⁠—which dramatically changed speedruns for the game⁠—it takes advantage of a glitch called Stale Reference Manipulation. This trick was first discovered in Ocarina of Time and could be used to change what players found in treasure chests. With the right steps, it can also change where players load if they enter a new area. Essentially, it’s possible to perform a series of seemingly arbitrary steps to change the values in the games memory. Move a rupee here, jump at this specific point. If you can figure out the right step, there’s potential to warp anyway. At least in theory.

This new variation of the trick involves the Japanese version of the game and can be performed on consoles. It involves moving a rupee around outside of the Deku Palace. After a few more steps, getting caught by a wander guard doesn’t kick Link out of the palace grounds like normal. Instead, it warps him to a developer testing room.

The room is packed with a few interesting pieces including multiple ladders, a block puzzle, an area for swimming, and crawl spaces. The latter don’t even appear in the rest of Majora’s Mask. If you’re looking to break behind the scenes, and happen to have a Japanese copy of the game, you too can perform the semi-random steps and explore a hidden game designer’s hideout.