The Speakys Have Spoken; This is Your Game of the Year

Though Speak Up on Kotaku became one with the Force back around September, the reader-voted GOTYs it spawned lived on in the second annual Speakys, which longtime reader GiantBoyDetective organized this year again.


The votes have been tallied, and it's a clean sweep for 2K Games in both chambers of Kotaku's congress: Borderlands 2 is the Speakys Game of the Year. On Monday, the editors voted XCOM: Enemy Unknown as Kotaku's Game of the Year.

The Speakys 2012 voting pit all of the individual award winners (there were 16 different ones) against one another in one ballot. The Walking Dead came in second, followed by Journey, XCOM and Halo 4 A total of 664 votes were cast. The full results are below.


Thanks to everyone who participated and remember, Talk Amongst Yourselves is Kotaku's official forum to speak up, about games of the year, or anything on your mind in the world of video gaming.

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