The Medal of Honor Trailer Requires Its Own FAQ

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The debut trailer for Medal of Honor at the Video Game Awards was entertaining, but as these things are designed, it raised more questions than it answered. Medal of Honor's executive producer is happy to clear up a few.


For starters, what you saw was 100 percent in-game footage, says Greg Goodrich. Some of that was cutscene, but Goodrich says if you see soldiers kicking in doors, you can reasonably assume breach operations will be a part of this, plus other "cool things." Also, the "Cowboy" featured in the title graphic at the end is in fact a character in the game.


Goodrich obliquely acknowledged that, as the first M-rated Medal of Honor game, we can expect raw scenes such as the trailer's gripping conclusion (you should see it for yourself.) But: "We will always be grounded by our core tenets of authenticity and respect for the soldier."

Greg Goodrich Medal of Honor Trailer Q&A [Medal of Honor site, via Voodoo Extreme]

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