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VGAs Offer First Look At Medal Of Honor, Arkham Asylum 2 & More

Tonight's Spike TV VGAs offered new video reveals that were part expected, part surprise. From the expected camp was EA's revitalized Medal of Honor, a modern day Middle Eastern shoot 'em up, seen in trailer form for the first time.

EA LA and DICE's new Medal of Honor may look somewhat familiar, but with higher clarity, in its debut trailer. At the very least, it looks impressively cinematic, with more suicide bombers than competitor Modern Warfare 2 brings to the table. And the beards! So glorious!


Less expected, for those of us who didn't chat up Mark Hamill on the red carpet, was Rocksteady and Eidos' reveal of the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

I guess we're calling this Batman: Arkham Asylum 2? That's despite the vigilante on mental institutionalized bad guy action apparently spilling onto the streets of Gotham City itself, the confines of Arkham seemingly incapable of containing Batman's rogues gallery.


The official site for the next Batman game appears to have gone live in a barebones state, hopefully offering more concrete information soon. For now, enjoy tonight's recently revealed trailers for two of next year's biggest games.

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One of the reasons I like Batman games is that Batman is a *legit* superhero. No radioactive spider bites, no innate alien superpowers, no heat vision or telekinesis. Only good old-fashioned ingenuity and gadgets. And millions of dollars.