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Medal of Honor Soldier Evokes Real Afghanistan Warrior

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As many have noticed, the title man for the newly announced Medal of Honor is reminiscent of another Afghanistan fighter, the amply bearded "Cowboy" photographed by LIFE in 2002.

Chris Plante at UGO noticed the similarities and I have to say, he's not off by much. Facial hair - especially to that depth - is very irregular in the United States armed forces. Unless you fly a helicopter for the U.S. Marines, then anything's serviceable. (To all the Devil Dogs, I am kidding, dammit.) Add in the eyeshades and, well ... about to get a letter, much?


Fun aside, it's a convenient coincidence that Medal of Honor's Afghanistan reboot evokes the image of a Special Forces soldier who notably served there. Just leave the Marlboro Man out of it, OK?

Meet the Real Life Hero Behind Medal of Honor in Afghanistan [UGO; composite image from UGO]