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New Medal Of Honor Revealed As "The Most Authentic Modern War Experience"

Illustration for article titled New Medal Of Honor Revealed As The Most Authentic Modern War Experience

Electronic Arts has officially announced the reinvention of its first-person shooter war game Medal of Honor, bringing the franchise into the modern age and deploying it to Afghanistan, promising "the most authentic modern war experience" for fall 2010.


That amply bearded, box-art starring soldier is a Tier 1 Operator, "a relatively unknown entity directly under the National Command Authority who takes on missions no one else can handle," according to EA's announcement. The new Medal of Honor—known simply as Medal of Honor—will give gamers a chance to "step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan."


Just like that year-old rumor said.

The all-new Medal Of Honor is currently in development at EA Los Angeles and DICE, responsible for the game's single-player and multiplayer components, respectively.

Medal Of Honor will make its video debut at the Spike TV VGAs on December 12 and hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC next year. Until then, the game's official web site should keep you busy.

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So... Iraq is too soon, Afghanistan is not?

Considering current events, that's an ironic thought.

Perhaps it's more that Six Days in Fallujah did not have the production support that a massive company like EA has.

Forgive me if I'm retreading old ground - I kept my head down in the articles regarding the previous controversy. But this just seems like a head-scratcher.

Personally, it's not something that I'm about to get fired up over - I love DICE, and hearing DICE is involved is pretty much a guaranteed 'in' for me.

I'm just imagining the potential shower of media backlash - or surprising lack thereof.