The Cutest Little Arcade Cabinet

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Hello! This week we check out the new Streets Of Rage trailer, learn how most games on Steam don’t make much money, watch a cat bring someone their slippers, check-in on Gears 5 and play a tiny arcade machine.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

As someone who hates dealing with spiders in games like Skyrim, I’m excited to hear more about this mode that removes spiders.

It is still wild to me just how many games are released on Steam every day. In the span of a week, dozens and dozens of games (or more) drop on Steam with little to no hype or marketing. It’s a wasteland.


Recently, I got to escape reality and head into City 17 again in Half-Life: Alyx. It was nice. If VR can get better, cheaper and easier, I could see a lot of folks leaving this world for digital worlds powered by VR games.


Heather has written one of the best MGS2 retrospectives and it is just sitting here on Kotaku and can be read for free whenever you want. You should read it.



Wait! WAIT! Cat! You forgot my coat and hat. Are you trying to make me late for work?


Who wants to start an underground sport where we race living controllers around small race tracks?


Welcome to the tiny arcade. We have one cabinet and our owner is totally not a vampire.


Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

This trailer is streets ahead and this game looks really nice too.

For real, if they make a Gears movie Batista needs to be in it.

Oy, guv’nor I got me sum tocktickal gameplay, I do.

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I was half expecting the camera to zoom out even further to reveal that the can of coke itself is a miniature.