NASCAR Driver Ragequits Virtual Race, Is Definitely Not Mad

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace
Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy (Getty)

The eNASCAR iRacing Pro invitational Series event, where NASCAR drivers are racing each other on the internet because they can’t currently do it in real life, is already giving us some spicy sports action. During Sunday’s race, which was televised, Bubba Wallace quit in the middle of a race after tangling with a rival in the most video game way imaginable.


During the event, Wallace and Clint Bowyer came together a few times, which the official NASCAR account has highlights of:

The view from Wallace’s stream, however, was better:

The tantrum brought some mean tweets Wallace’s way after the race, which led him to come out and publicly say how not mad he was, before his race sponsor dropped him in the most NASCAR way imaginable:


And that wasn’t all the race had in store! In the same event, as The Guardian reports, driver Erik Jones missed qualifying because of connection issues, and “seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson fired his spotter less than 20 laps into the race after falsely being told he was clear of another car, only to crash.”

I miss sports. And while fake sports just isn’t the same, it’s certainly shaping up to have its own charms.

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Everything about this is surreal and ridiculous. The future is so much more mundane than the 50s would have had us believe. lol Just the fact that NASCAR is running the races virtually is astounding. But then for a driver to get dropped by a real-world sponsor because he ragequit the game? Satire can’t even keep up with how wild all of this is. I love it and loathe it equally.