Japan's Game Rating Board Is Closing For A Month, Impacting Future Releases

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Starting today, Japanese game rating board CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) is closing down until May 6. The decision was made in regards to the Japanese government declaring a state of emergency in the wake of increasing coronavirus covid-19 cases in Japan.

According to CERO, it is difficult for the group to continue operating during this period in which the Japanese government is asking people to stay home. Here’s why: A group of external judges comes to the CERO offices to rate the games. CERO explains that it would be hard to have its staff go to the judges’ residences to carry out the group’s game-rating process. 


CERO won’t be able to receive games for reviewing during this period, either, leading to Famitsu to wonder what kind of impact this will have on future releases. 

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So.... Final Fantasy VII Remake definitely had its Japanese rating done and ready to go a long-ass time ago, right? Right? *nervous*