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The Bonus Round Talks Motion Control Bundles, Vitality Sensors

Illustration for article titled The Bonus Round Talks Motion Control Bundles, Vitality Sensors

In part three of our four part Bonus Round discussion, Geoff Keighley, Michael Pachter, Shane Satterfield and I wag our tongues about waggle controls. What's left to talk about? Plenty!


Pachter expresses his thoughts on the bundling opportunities for Project Natal and the Xbox 360, the cheaper PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Eye packed in, and the Wii Plus, the high-definition console he believes Nintendo will introduce some time next year. I talk about my interest in the Wii Vitality Sensor and do so with a straight face and genuine enthusiasm. No, really. Just watch!

But don't be scared by those grumpy looking faces when the video starts. We don't bite.


Bonus Round: Episode 306 - Part 3 []

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I was surprised how majority of you think PS3's motion control will just be an sidequest for Playstation. For me, it seems like PS3's wands are the only motion control tech that could be targeted to hardcore gamers. Even the demo's shown suggested that!