That Time The Joker Played Pokémon Poker

Hello! This week we watch WWE2K20 break in a million ways, watch Conan O’Brien and Kojima hang out, learn about a bunch of game delays, celebrate Halloween in Borderlands and remember that time The Joker met Ash Ketchum.


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Nothing to see here folks. This is certainly not an omen or a sign of the current state of Blizzard and its fans. Nope.

I will never get tired of photographers using video games to take awesome photos. It is the best.


How many folks would’ve guessed that a game riddled with bugs and launch issues would roll out a new paid service that is...also riddled with bugs and launch issues? (Many people, actually.)


At this point, I just assume most well-known actors and comedians are already in this game. It’s easier that way.



Someone, please turn the AC off.


Yeah, I decided to include TWO WWE2k Tweets this week. So what?


Ash was killed moments after this promo ended.

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Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

I’m downloading this game as I type this because I forgot about it. I love Star Wars and really should, finally, check this out.

I know the reception to this game has been mixed, but damn it, I’m still enjoying it. It’s what I wanted out of a new Borderlands sequel.

I wonder why this ad features almost no gameplay...



I could see Ash being a Gotham City villain. Singular focus. Lifetime of failure. Not the weirdest gimmick Batman has faced. I’m ready for this cross over.