E3 brought with it an avalanche of news, previews and interviews. So much hit the site over two weeks that plenty of great stories may have missed your radar.

Here's a quick list of ten big stories you may have missed had you not been paying attention.

Shigeru Miyamoto accidentally confirms "Kind Code" to Kotaku

We learn that Project Milo features a dog, is a bit like the Sims and the virtual child currently has the lifespan of a fruit fly


Sony explains their motion controller and why there wasn't a PS3 price drop at E3


Two Left 4 Dead Survivors that Didn't Make the Cut

Miyamoto talks about the Wii Vitality Sensor and how he's no longer sad


Reggie Fils-Aime talks about Microsoft's motion control and the DSi's lack of virtual console

How Super Mario Galaxy 2 came to be and why it will have 90 percent new levels


Ninja Gaiden's future explained

Why Natal's launch will be as big as the launch of the Xbox 360


How Other M will change the face of Metroid