What Did Shigeru Miyamoto Say?

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A recently released Nintendo patent from last year might solve the stumbling block for novice players while keeping the interest of hardcore players.


When asked about it, Miyamoto seems to have indicated that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will have such a system — though was vague about details.

The solution would turn a game into a full-length cut scene of sorts, allowing players to jump into and out of the action whenever they wanted. But when played this way, gamers would not be able to save their progress, maintaining the challenge of completing a game without skipping or cheating. It would also allow players to bring up in-game hint videos and skip directly to particular scenes in games.

Here's the exchange:

Crecente: Let me put it this way. Generically speaking, do you think that — it seems to me that Nintendo has tackled many of the problems that non-gamers face when trying to become gamers — sort of blurring that line. And I think one of the remaining problems is the idea of failing and saving. And do you think that that concept of trying to get rid of that notion of having to do saves or start over a game when you fail could help you attract more gamers?

[Nintendo's Bill Trinen translates the question.]

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] As he says. That's right, that's kind of thing. Well, honestly, in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros.


Trinen: [in Japanese] Woah, we can't say that? [laughs]

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] It's okay for us to say it.

Trinen: [in Japanese] It's okay to say? Then okay.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] Let's say it.

[Trinen laughs.]

[Miyamoto covers his face.]

Totilo: I'll have to take this to a translator.

Crecente: Yeah, we have one in-house.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] In the New Super Mario

Nintendo PR: Nothing has been said at this point.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] You can look forward to the release of New Super Mario Bros. to see how something like this is addressed. A first time player might need help — even if the player's friend or dad can't help them, they can still be helped. Things like that are in the game.


[Miyamoto laughs, puts his hands on his face.]

Trinen: Well, yeah, so that's an idea behind, that's one thing we look at and think about is trying to help people get to the end of the game. Um, and maybe New Super Mario Bros. is a game you look forward to the launch of to see how we've addressed something like that in ways that kids are needing help to get through the game don't necessarily have to go ask their father, but might have other ways of getting to the end of the game.



The gameplay they showed at the conference looked boring. My kids like doing the multiplayer on the DS incarnation, but its just the same level over and over which I find sort of tiresome. So is this what the Wii will have? If so no thanks on the multiplayer