Where To Now For The Ninja Gaiden Series?

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Development of the modern, 3D Ninja Gaiden games has always been overseen by one man: former Team Ninja boss/ Dark Lord Tomonobu Itagaki. But what happens now he can no longer work on the series?


Well, someone else has to work on the series. And that someone else is Yosuke Hayashi, the new leader of Tecmo's Team Ninja, and the man responsible for where the series goes from here.

Since I had the chance to speak with Hayashi at E3, I put the question to him: what's next for Ninja Gaiden?

"I think the series has a definite future", he said. "In fact, I already have a concept for the next game in place". As for what that concept is, Hayashi was coy, though he did tease that some aspects of the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma might make their way into a future Ninja Gaiden game.

"The online co-op in Sigma 2 is one step, maybe. It could be a testbed for the future", he hinted. "But regardless of whether that works or not, yes, the foundations for a future game are already there".

So relax! There will be more Ninja Gaiden. In some shape or form. Whether you like it or not.


Well, let's give Itagaki what is his. He created the series. Problem was, besides being a great game designer, he has a crappy character, which when combined with his xbox360 fanboy-ism rezulted, i think, in his dismissal from team ninja. Companies want money, the money "managers" decide on exclusivity, not the paid developer. They wanted multiplat, itagaki didn't. They saw how the 1st ninja gaide sold on ps3 and when they wanted to make a 2nd one and itagaki probably went berserk with his behavior, he got fired (of course i know the MAIN story, he didn't get paid he said, etc).

I'm saying he has a rat character because as i remember(i think i read it here, on kotaku), when ninja gaiden sigma was launched, some guy in japan went with a copy of the game to a game shop or something where he knew itagaki was, to get it signed. And itagaki didn't sign it, because he said he won't sign that crap cos he didn't make it, and apparently was also mad on the fan.