Jun 30

Media Molecule’s miraculous creation tool becomes even more miraculous on June 22, when Dreams adds support for PlayStation VR. Not only will dreamers be able to create virtual reality content, but new tools will also allow them to create and sculpt objects in VR, adding a degree of immersion to playing and creating.

May 28

Today’s HP announced its new consumer virtual reality headset, the Reverb G2. The headset, available this fall for $600, includes a pair of Valve-designed 2K lenses, four-camera internal tracking, off-the-ear spatial audio, and support for Windows mixed reality. Preorders start *checks watch* now.

May 4

Star Wars virtual reality adventure Vader Immortal is coming to PlayStation VR this summer. All three chapters of the PC VR game will be available upon launch for PSVR, along with the lightsaber dojo segments. Check out today’s PlayStation Blog post for more info.