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Oct 9

Xbox Series X console exclusive The Medium won’t arrive until a month after the next-gen console launches. Bloober Team revealed the game will release on December 10 in a new trailer today.

Jun 8

Post-apocalyptic action platformer Steel Assault has a new trailer up showing off some gorgeous pixel animation. The game was Kickstarted back in 2015 and while it’s now 2020 and the game’s still not out (it’s planned for PC by the end of the year) it’s come a long way.

Apr 23

Paradise Killer is a stylish murder mystery headed to PC this summer. You play as detective Lady Love Dies responsible for interrogating witnesses on an edenic island and finding out which of them is responsible for doing some murders. It looks very weird and cool.

Apr 15

Gunsport, a game where you play volleyball with a gun, is coming to Stadia this summer. Made by Necrosoft Games, Gunsport has been bouncing around the internet for several years now but it sounds like it’s finally ready to usher in a new era of cybersports. It’ll come to other platforms later.

Apr 9

Six years later Dungeon of the Endless is still getting ported. The excellent tower defense roguelike will finally come to PS4 and Switch on May 15, only five years after it came to iPad and Xbox One. Better late than never though, especially for a strategy game as good as this one.

Mar 31

Neon Abyss is another cool looking roguelike platformer due out on consoles and PC later this year. Are there already plenty of pixel-animated bullet hell side-scrollers out there? Yes. Does it hurt to have a few more? Absolutely not. Now pump the neon directly into my veins. 

Mar 3

There’s a new trailer for Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy which starts March 10. It looks like it’s based around teaming back up with Rasputin to defend the Last City by powering up Seraph Towers through public events and clearing out bunkers with wanted enemies in them.