9:55 AM

Neon Abyss is another cool looking roguelike platformer due out on consoles and PC later this year. Are there already plenty of pixel-animated bullet hell side-scrollers out there? Yes. Does it hurt to have a few more? Absolutely not. Now pump the neon directly into my veins. 

10:40 AM

There’s a new trailer for Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy which starts March 10. It looks like it’s based around teaming back up with Rasputin to defend the Last City by powering up Seraph Towers through public events and clearing out bunkers with wanted enemies in them. 

3:50 PM

The makers of tactical stealth game Mutant Year Zero are back with a new one called Corruption 2029. It looks a lot like Mutant Year Zero but with futuristic cyber-soldiers swapped in for mutant ducks and pigs. The game will be out February 17 on the Epic Game Store.

9:25 AM

Japan is getting a new Monster Hunter game for phones next winter. It’s called Monster Hunter: Riders, and there’s not much to glean from the trailer, but the graphics look good and cooking elaborate meals is also present. It’s free-to-play, though, so hopefully it’s not mired in gacha-style microtransactions.

10:45 PM

Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox One and PC (including on Steam) on April 28, 2020. Microsoft showed off a new trailer at the Game Awards tonight and the game looks exactly like you’d expect the baby of Gears of War and XCOM to.

1:35 PM

The Bomberman-inspired multiplayer game Ponpu is coming out sometime in the first half of next year Purple Tree Studio announced today. It’ll be on both PC and console, including Switch, and looks like a really cute, hand-drawn labyrinthy party game. 

12:10 PM

Say No! More is a colorful-looking office sim about telling your bosses to shove it that got announced earlier today. It’s coming to iOS, PC and Switch sometime in 2020 and looks like a delightfully cathartic way to blow off some steam. 

12:35 PM

Have you ever wanted to skid off-road in a tractor trailer, potentially rolling down snowbanks or smashing into trees and watching your load go tumbling out into a winter wonderland? Well SnowRunner has you covered. An upcoming game in the MudRunner series, it’s set to come to release next year.

10:55 AM

Star Renegades’ art style looks even hotter in this new trailer. The role-playing roguelike always had lush pixel graphics, but the developers over at Massive Damage have added a bunch of depth that almost gives the game a Mode 7 look. The game is due out on PC and console next spring.

2:59 PM

Disintegration, the new game from V1 Interactive, the studio headed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, just got its first trailer. There’s only a bit of gameplay, but it looks fun—and will reportedly come with both a story campaign and multiplayer.

3:35 PM

The Last Spell had me at Final Fantasy Tactics meets Dynasty Warriors. Whether it eventually delivers on that combination when it comes out next year on PC, the trailer has me pining for more tactical beat’em ups against giant They Are Billions-looking hordes.

10:05 AM

The beautiful blocky destruction game Riverbond is getting ported to Switch later this year. Like so many interesting games that get overshadowed on other platforms, Riverbond’s arcade-y four-player dungeoneering feels perfect for Switch. Plus, it’ll arrive alongside some new DLC world.

11:05 AM

Genshin Impact was announced at E3 and now has a gameplay trailer that debuted at ChinaJoy 2019. The open world JRPG has been described as anime Breath of the Wild, which I can totally see, and which I’m totally here for. It’s supposed to come to PS4 sometime next year.  

5:20 PM

Eliza is a visual novel from Zachtronics, developer of Opus Magnum and EXAPUNKS, coming to Steam August 12. If you’re familiar with Zachtronics’ games, you know they always have a weird twist, and sure enough Eliza revolves around an AI-powerd counseling app and the human forced to be a proxy for it. 

12:20 PM

The Game Bakers, makers of the boss-rush game Furi, are back with a gameplay trailer for their upcoming project, Haven. It centers on a couple who have escaped to a strange planet together and set out to explore it. Aside from looking gorgeous it’s also giving me major Gravity Rush vibes.