SNK announced The King of Fighters XV for a 2020 release at a recent press conference in South Korea. There are currently no other details about the game. [Thanks, Sang!]

The first two episodes of The King of Fighters 3D anime can be viewed on YouTube. The episodes are in Japanese but have English language subtitles.

The King of Fighters is getting a MMORPG. Called The King of Fighters: World, it will launch in China next spring on iOS and Android. 

Today, SNK announced that The King of Fighters XIV will be out in Japan on August 25, Dengeki Online reports. The KOF XIV website’s English page currently has a “late August” release date for the Western world.

Mai Shiranui is joining the newest King of Fighters. While it might seem like Mai Shiranui’s addition to the fray is a given no-brainer, seeing as she is one of KoF’s most popular fighters, SNK actually refrained from putting her in 2009's The King of Fighters XII release.