9:35 AM

Dying Light’s battle royale mode ‘Bad Blood’ enters into early access next month on Steam. There’s way too many battle royales out there but I admit I’m interested in badass parkour fights. Registration is currently closed but keep a look out here for a chance to join.

11:00 AM

Dying Light, the parkour-themed zombie action game released in January 2015, is getting another free year’s worth of ten DLCs, according to its developer. While many players said they are excited, some players also said that they would rather see a sequel. All of the DLCs will be free on console and PC.

5:15 PM

Dying Light’s The Following DLC continues to look promising. It’ll be interesting to see if the game can retain its signature flow without the verticality of the city of Harran, but those dune buggies sure do seem nifty.

12:12 PM

Dying Light just put out a new trailer for its upcoming expansion The Following with a neat explanation for its leaving the city: “Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and fanatical cultists whose beliefs have unnerving connections with the zombie outbreak.” Also: customizable dune buggies!

11:25 AM

Dying Light will get its long-awaited "hard mode" on March 10th, Techland said today. Can't wait! In addition to that free update, a $5 "Survivor Bundle" will also be released, giving players three additional character skins and four new weapons.

11:10 AM

The surprisingly excellent zombie game Dying Light got its first batch of DLC today, Techland said in a surprise announcement. It's called "Cuisine & Cargo," and adds two additional "hardcore zones" (buildings) to explore in the game's world. There are two more bits of DLC coming out in March and May respectively.