7:08 PM

Superhot is getting a standalone expansion. Titled Superhot: Mind Control Delete, it puts a procedurally generated roguelike twist on the original’s time-defying antics. It’s coming to Steam Early Access in two days, but the devs warn that it’ll be “extremely early,” with the full version nearly a year out.

3:25 PM

SUPERHOT VR gets a new Oculus Touch trailer. Should be pretty cool—the non-VR game is great—though I’ll be curious whether or not you can move around within levels. They call it a “complete new title” and say it’ll debut with Oculus Touch later this year.

11:15 AM

The fully realized take on Superhot, an awesome game jam experiment from 2013, is due to arrive on February 25 for PC, Mac and Linux. The Xbox One version is coming “just a few weeks later,” according to the developers.

2:00 PM

If you’re itching to see more gameplay of indie shooter Superhot, here’s a brand new video to go with a beta that just went out to Kickstarter backers. Check out the devastating baseball bat toward the end and the new “Rewind” feature throughout.