6:35 PM

Sunset Overdrive is headed to PC, Xbox’s Major Nelson announced on Twitter today. The news confirms previous rumors that the Xbox One exclusive would be getting ported, and adds Sunset Overdrive to the existing list of Microsoft-published Xbox One games recently added to Steam this year.

7:30 AM

Sunset Overdrive PC just popped up on the Korean Ratings Board website, which often reveals games before they’re officially announced. Make of it what you will. [Thanks, Sang!]

11:05 AM

Sunset Overdrive will get its final piece of DLC on April 1st, developer Insomniac just announced. Known as The Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines, it adds a new area and related missions to the game along with some other goodies. The last add-on campaign was very good, so I'm excited for this new one!

6:52 PM

Sunset Overdrive is getting a story-based expansion this month that adds an offshore oil rig and two new water-based traversal abilities to the game. It's called "The Mystery of Mooil Rig," and it comes out December 23rd. Now might be a good time to take Stephen and Kirk's advice and give the game another shot!