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The First 40 Minutes Of Sunset Overdrive In Action

Want to get a better feel for Insomniac’s shooter? Here’s the first 40 minutes of it action (we’ve also got a full Sunset Overdrive review here if you fancy it).


This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK

This video covers the opening and first few missions (there’ll be some tips tomorrow as well). Interestingly, while reviewer Yannick and I played the game separately, we largely agree on many of the same points. Mechanically, it’s a really enjoyable experience, especially once you’ve unlocked a few key moves - the freedom to zip, grind and bounce around a large city is endlessly rewarding once mastered. Combine that with a Ratchet & Clank-esq arsenal of weapons and you’ve got something not unlike ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater: the Shooter’.


The only downside is the humour. It’s not all bad and you will laugh in places, but it’s relentless. There’s almost no interaction, event or line that isn’t accompanied by a quip, eyebrow waggle or swear. By sheer volume alone some of it works - so much is thrown against so many walls that bits will stick. However, it can wear you down. Especially depending on how you feel about the style of humour here: is a shotgun with testicles likely to make you giggle? What about jokes aimed at crappy fetch quest mission design, during an actual crappy fetch quest mission?

Anyway: watch the video, let me know what you think and leave any questions in the comments.

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This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK, bringing you original reporting, game culture and humour with a U from the British isles. Follow them on @Kotaku_UK.

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Damn nothing worse than listening to bad humor in a game that you actually like playing. Well there are worse things, but that still is pretty bad.