Excellent Respawn Animation, Sunset Overdrive

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has the best respawn animations I’ve ever seen. They’re mostly jokes, riffing on Portal, Star Trek and stuff like that and worth the few seconds they take to put you back in the action. I’ve played the game for hours, though, and hadn’t seen this one until last night. Might be new with the game’s DLC.

Sunset Overdrive is an extremely fun game that I highly recommend for more than just the animations. I mean, you have to be interested in gliding across power-lines while shooting monsters below with flaming shotguns. You’d have to want to wall-run while throwing death boomerangs at robots and then air-dashing to a terrace to hit one with a stick that hurls small tornadoes.


If you’re not into that stuff, forget it.

But do at least admire some more respawn animations. These are from the original game, for sure. I’d seen them before!


And here’s an IGN video from last fall that compiled all/most of the ones that were in the game at the time:

As for the game’s new DLC, Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines, I’m only on the second mission, so impressions will have to wait. If it’s like the rest of the game, the tone will be slightly grating but the gameplay will be incredibly fun.


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