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Dying In Sunset Overdrive Is Pretty Goofy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dying a horrible death in a video game is usually, well, horrible. If only there was some way to add a little style and grace to the whole process. What's that you say, Sunset Overdrive? You think you can make being eaten by a horde of unsightly mutants downright charming? Well, we'll have to see about that!

This video captured by IGN shows a plethora of the game's silliest, dorkiest, and most adorable respawn animations, which usually unfold when your character meets his or her demise when they're not on a specific mission that requires you to reload and try the whole thing over again:

I'm still hard at work on my official review of Sunset Overdrive, but I have to say that I already know I'm with IGN on this one. Some of these are so silly and cleverly referential that they manage to make even the most infuriating deaths feel like a special treat. This is the kind of cute, seemingly innocent but actually darkly morbid humor I've always loved seeing in Insomniac's best work. Now if only the rest of Sunset Overdrive knew how to exercise this level of subtlety and restraint...


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