12:25 PM

Battlefront II is getting a capital ship assault mode. The 20 vs. 20 mode is called Capital Supremacy and will involve both a ground phase and capital ship assault. Doesn’t sound like there’s much starfighter combat though, so don’t expect a 100% repeat of 2005 Battlefront II’s fabulous ship takedown mode.

4:19 PM

Hello there, Battle of Geonosis. The Attack of the Clones finale is being added to Battlefront II on November 28, along with a bunch of customisation options for Obi-Wan, General Grievous and some Clone Troopers.

10:35 AM

Star Wars: Battlefront II’s long delayed second season of new content kicks off on May 16th. The Han Solo inspired season brings back Jabba’s Palace and adds bounty hunter inspired skins for heroes. Additional content based on Solo: A Star Wars Story will come in June.