Apr 16

Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Battle of Scarif update has been delayed again. It was originally due out last month but got pushed back as the team started working from home. The update, which adds the new Scarif map and Galactic Civil War-era Supremacy fights, will now arrive later this month.

Jan 29

The Star Wars: Battlefront II update adding BB-8 due out tomorrow has been delayed by a week. DICE’s Ben Walke confirmed on Twitter that a “critical issue” was found last minute requiring more time to fix. When the update arrives it’ll also bring with it a new Capital Supremacy map.

Dec 4 2019

Star Wars: Battlefront II has tons of updates coming in time for The Rise of Skywalker. A blog post today outlined the addition of two new classes, new appearance for heroes and (I kid you not) turning BB-8 into a tough, playable hero character.