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May 25 2019

The first Star Ocean game is coming to PS4 and Switch. Square Enix announced Star Ocean First Departure R on Twitter today, which definitely sounds like either a remake or remaster of the 2008 PSP game, which was itself a remake of the original SNES JRPG which never released in the US. 

Nov 28 2017

The 4K and full HD remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope is now available on PC and PS4 for the special launch price of $20.99. This might be my last hope of playing through one of the best 3D Star Ocean games, after my previous attempt was thwarted 25 hours in by burglars.

May 17 2017

Star Ocean: Til the End of Time arrives on North American PS4 on May 23. It’s the same game as the 2004 original, only the jaggies have been cleaned up through the PS4's HD emulator and it’s got trophy support. It’ll be available to download via the PlayStation Store for $20.99.

Oct 18 2016

Square Enix announced a new Star Ocean for Japan. Details are scant, but it’s called Star Ocean Anamnesis and is slated for iOS and Android

Dec 1 2015

The release date for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness has changed in Japan. It was slated for February 25, 2016, but has been moved to March 31. The reason given is that more time is needed for quality reasons. The game doesn’t yet have an international release date.