11:58 AM

This “Mega Yarn Yoshi” Amiibo is coming to wreak havoc on American cities like a super cute Godzilla on November 15th, Nintendo announced this morning. The downside is that it’ll cost $39.99 to get your hands on all that adorableness.

1:20 PM

Now here's a great way to add an extra layer of adorable to a Yoshi Amiibo and better prepare for the cutest Yoshi game ever. Reddit's NLightedNd1 made this custom "Yarn Yoshi" figure with some impressive crochet work. I have no idea why Nintendo hasn't made one of its own already. Other body-shots below.

5:55 PM

There's putting form over function, and then there's making a themed Game Boy case that's so ornate I'm not sure it's playable. This Donkey Kong-themed skin is one of the best custom console jobs I've seen. But it also raises important questions like: do those directional buttons actually work?

6:05 PM

All four members of The Beatles, created in The Sims 4. D'awwww. The Sim versions of celebrities (Simlebrities?) are gonna be so good this time around aren't they?