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Look At World Of Final Fantasy. Just Look At It.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Look at tiny Yuna. Look at her giant, adorable head. You think she’s worried about what Tidus is up to right now? She probably is, and that just makes her even more adorable. I can’t even handle tiny Lightning and tiny Faris. I just can’t.

In a new trailer released for the annual Jump Festa show in Japan, Square Enix demonstrates how World of Final Fantasy will take the characters we love and make them even more lovable.

If you’d read Jason Schreier’s “Eight Things You Should Know About World of Final Fantasy”, then you’d know the game centers around a pair of twins (because just one twin is depressing and hard to prove) who fall into a magical world where they collect monsters to help them fight in traditional turn-based battles. Along the way they’ll encounter locations, monsters and chibi characters from across the Final Fantasy series.


Like tiny Yuna up there. And tiny Cloud, who we met previously.


How about a little Lightning?

And an itty-bitty Faris from Final Fantasy V.


Faris brought a friend, by the way.


Between the little Final Fantasy people and the game’s kick-ass toy camera effect, World of Final Fantasy is going to just kill me.


World of Final Fantasy hits the Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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