This is a plush Yoshi doll. It is very cute. Not just cute, it's painfully adorable. This is the level of cuteness that makes me cringe with something that feels like genuine pain. So what's the problem?

It's being released for Club Nintendo Europe. That means I am going to have to go to incredible lengths to figure out how to cuddle with this Yoshi. I am determined to make that happen, though, which is the real part of this whole situation that drives me crazy. From Wii U Daily's report

Meanwhile, the Club Nintendo in America still has yet to get any new merchandise this year. In fact, we haven't seen anything noteworthy since the announcement of the Luigi's Mansion statue that went on sale. Bummer.

Come on, Nintendo, don't you think that there are SOME people in the U.S. who want a disgustingly cute Yoshi stuffed animal too?



Why are you doing this to me?!?!?!

via Wii U Daily