Mario Kart 8 Is Now Officially The Cutest Mario Kart Ever

Mario Kart 8’s second batch of DLC finally came out today. Just like the first round that added Zelda and F-Zero stuff into the mix, this one looks pretty rad. Perhaps more importantly, it also looks ridiculously, disgustingly cute.

What’s in the new DLC, exactly? 8 new tracks (divided into two cups), three new characters, and four new vehicles. Here’s an itemized breakdown, via Nintendolife:


  • Animal Crossing
  • Big Blue
  • Super Bell Subway
  • Wild Woods
  • Baby Park (GCN)
  • Cheese Land (GBA)
  • Koopa City / Neo Bowser City (3DS)
  • Ribbon Road (GBA)


  • Villager (Boy and Girl)
  • Isabelle
  • Dry Bowser


  • Bone Rattler
  • City Tripper
  • The Streetle
  • P-Wing

YouTubers Gamexplain pulled together a compilation video showing all the new tracks:

I’m particularly excited for the Animal Crossing track, which has a special touch of coming in four separate seasons:

And the track “Cheese Land.” Because who doesn’t want something called “Cheese Land?” It’s literally a land made of cheese:

Oh, and how could I forget? There’s also another difficulty level—the new 200cc speed. Fans are already saying its “bonkers.” Sorry, I mean “BONKERS”:


I guess the new super high-speed races make handling more important than ever, which means light-weight characters now have an advantage they didn’t over the heavies—who could get to a faster top speed than their competitors. And that changes the whole Mario Kart meta-game:

I hate to think of Mario Kart, of all things, have a detailed “meta” and dedicated mains. I mean: what is this? League of Legends?


Eh. Whatever. I’ll take it. Can you really say no to something this cute?




I’ll have more detailed impressions on Mario Kart 8’s new DLC soon, assuming I don’t die from all the new cuteness.


Wish me luck.

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