12:45 PM

Shiny Gengar haunts U.S. GameStop locations today.Today through October 26, trainers with a copy of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y can receive a special code card containing Shiny Gengar holding a Gengarite Mega Stone at participating GameStop locations. Don't miss out, as I doubtlessly will.

10:31 AM

The Pokémon Company makes Mythical Pokémon Diancie official. Three days after the Serebii report, like clockwork, the latest pocket monster movie star is confirmed. They also confirm the once-hidden Pokémon will be coming to Pokémon X and Y at a later date, but won't tell us when or how because they're mean like

1:47 PM

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokémon X is more popular than Pokémon Y, at least in the U.S. Here are the official U.S. sales figures from Nintendo through the end of December 2013: Pokémon X: 1.63 million, Pokémon Y: 1.54 million. Read more

8:39 AM

Nintendo's 2DS Pokémon X & Y bundles are the saddest bundles of them all. No special colors or decals — just the standard blue 2DS with Pokémon Y at Toys"R"Us or the red with Pokémon X at Target for $149.99. The games come pre-installed, so you don't even get a pretty case. What a festive way to say "here's your damn

8:30 AM

Whoa, Mega Charizard Y and male protagonist Calem from Pokemon X & Y just got a hundred percent more realistic and detailed thanks to the talented deviantART artist Charlie Romeo. So much so that at first it seems more like Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy fan art, and not something inspired by a Nintendo 3DS game.