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Pokémon X and Y Community Solves Shiny Hatching—and Crowdsources It

Illustration for article titled emPokémon X/em and emY/em Community Solves Shiny Hatching—and Crowdsources It

For those who can't get their hands on the magic machine that auto-finds shiny Pokémon for you, there's the next best thing—a crowd sourced database that will pair trainers in Pokémon X and Y to eggs guaranteed to hatch a shiny.


It will depend upon the good will and cooperation of the Pokémon community, particularly the one working through the /r/pokemontrades subreddit. But if nothing else, they've peeled back Oz's curtain on how this game decides to hatch a shiny Pokémon. It's a background roll, true to the series' nature.


Here's the nitty gritty: An app called the Instacheck Hotspot program has turned up a new field, in Pokémon X and Y, called "Shiny Value." A trainer has one and every egg has one. When they match, the egg hatches as a shiny, or an alternate coloration of a Pokémon species.

Instructions on how to use the program are here. In effect, people are using that tool to discover their own SV and that of the eggs they find. There's a big Google doc where folks are sharing their shiny values and where they may be contacted.

This is not a hack in the sense that a player may hatch every egg he or she finds as a shiny Pokémon, but more of a cooperative where people give eggs to those who can hatch a shiny Pokémon for them. What happens from there, of course, depends upon the honesty of the participants. "As long as everyone's polite and cooperates and nobody tries to con someone it's a very useful system," says this Redditor.


[PSA] The Shiny Hatcher Community Database & Shinies In General [Reddit, via Verlisify. h/t Manuel. Image via Bulbapedia]


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While it's great that Pokemon, which seems like a fairly simple game, has such complexities. But when I see this sort of stuff I have to wonder, is the competitive side all that fun? It seems the amount of effort required to play competitively is rather high but is the actual base gameplay fun in player vs player battles? (I know Shinies don't have any special stat advantage, I'm just talking about on a whole such as IV training, breeding and natures etc)

Now I haven't played a Pokemon game properly since the first gen but If I remember correctly it just seemed very rock paper scissors and that the player who got the first turn had a rather distinct advantage leaving the second player nearly always on the defensive.