Mega Evolutions aren't just for new Pok√©mon video games anymore. Booster packs coming to the Pok√©mon Trading Card Game in February will allow already-powerful EX cards to Mega Evolve ‚ÄĒ for a price.

The Pok√©mon TCG: XY‚ÄĒKalos Starter Set launches on November 8, giving players of the card game their first taste of Fairy-type Pok√©mon, the firs tin the game to have a resistance to Darkness.

They'll have a few months to get used to the new addition before the real fun begins on February 5, 2014. That's when ten-card boosters add Mega Evolution to the mix.


Mega Evolution Pok√©mon evolve from Pok√©mon-EX characters, already incredibly powerful. Players can choose to Mega Evolve EX characters into even more ridiculously powerful forms, but once they do their turn ends ‚ÄĒ they won't be able to attack.


It's a risk and reward sort of thing, a simple mechanic that should change the way players build their decks and play their hands. It's sure to make the next Championships a whole lot more interesting.

Will the excitement over Pokémon X and Y translate into more people playing the card game? Heck, I'd pick up some cards if I wasn't certain I'd look ridiculous playing against young teen pros.