Nintendo's 2DS Pokémon X & Y bundles are the saddest bundles of them all. No special colors or decals — just the standard blue 2DS with Pokémon Y at Toys"R"Us or the red with Pokémon X at Target for $149.99. The games come pre-installed, so you don't even get a pretty case. What a festive way to say "here's your damn Pokémon." Both bundles will be in their respective stores December 6.

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So, let me get this straight. They have a red 2DS, and a blue 2DS. Fair enough. Pokemon Y has red lettering, and Pokemon X has blue lettering. That's fine. But.... why the hell would they put the red Pokemon Y in blue 2DS and blue Pokemon X in the red 2DS??? I'm sure it's just traces of OCD that bother me about this, but it's just so. damn. obvious. Match the colors, Nintendo!!!